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While playing #Ingress and capturing portals, I often find myself pushing Ingress to the background long enough to capture photos like the #Sunset above! Panama City Beach, Florida is an excellent place to play Ingress and even better if you’re lucky enough to choose the side of the Enlightened! This area, being mostly resistance, always has portals to capture, fields to take down or missions to complete! I never once have opened the app & hard to struggle to look for something to do! Playing “Capture & Decay” is a big problem in some areas and can get quite boring! This is a WAR zone and the Enlightened always need extra help tackling the area to help humanity evolve to a higher level.
Attack, Deploy, Mod & hack, your way to VICTORY!


Creative Ingress Missions?

I’m searching for more creative ways to utilize missions. The missions feature is an awesome new way to keep Ingress agents interested and maybe even prevent them from getting burned out! I’ve been using the different actions within the missions to give the player a better interactive experience! I’ve even attempted using links to create glyphs, then have the player name the glyph using the passphrase feature. One problem with this method is, you can’t designate where the player should link to. I have, however, used the custom description feature to tell the player, “link to the previous portal”. Assuming the player follows the directions, the glyph will come out correctly and at the last portal, the passphrase will make sense.
I plan on continuing publishing missions, and will also continue looking for the most creative ways to use them! I’ll check on Google plus to see if there is an Ingress Mission Writers Community. That would be a great place to share ideas, and hopefully create better missions!
Happy Hacking!

New Medals Appear!

Trekker, Engineer, SpecOps

The 3 new medals are here! (from left to right)
Trekker (walking long distances)
Engineer (installing mods on portals)
SpecOps (completing unique missions)
As usual, any time anything new is added it causes a stir in the Ingress Community! Some people are excited & welcome these new medals with open arms. Other people are upset that there are now new & more ways to level up! The importance of the infamous “Guardian” medal (holding a portal for an extended period of time) diminished the second these new medals popped up!

Translator Requested?

Like it or not, Niantic Labs added the Translator medal to their Ingress app.
This #Translator medal is acquired by glyph hacking a portal. The agent gets credit for each successful glyph completed.
As you can see (photo below) the medal tiers are as follows:


Bronze = 200
Silver = 2,000
Gold = 6,000
Platinum = 20,000
Onyx = 50,000
So, if you’re shooting for another onyx medal, it might take you a while. On the other hand, in the old days of Ingress, the biggest complaint was reaching the highest level (L8) could be attained in as little as a few hours & there was nothing to look forward to after reaching maximum level. Niantic Labs has listened to their Ingress fans & responded with the medals & the multiple tiers. These additional 8 levels were not meant to be reached in a day or two. It appears they’re designing more “long term” goals, so an agent would have something to look forward to & work towards even in higher portal density areas.
So, continue on your quest for level 16, fighting for your faction & as always,
Happy Glyph Hacking!!

Need Insurance?

The new “stronger” version of the very rare shield is now avaliable through the global portal network. Known as the “AXA SHIELD” this is (or at least should be) an idea by Niantic on how to profit by selling advertising space inside their Ingress app!


AXA is a financial company that sells many services such as investment advice & insurance.
Are we on our way to seeing new items with corporate logos etched in them? We just might be on the verge of seeing our first L9 McDonalds burster. The Tampax heatsink? Or if this is only avaliable for financial/insurance companies, maybe our very first Geico link amp & State Farm capsule (which could hold twice as many items as the original capsule) is on the Ingress horizon.
Over all, I think this is an excellent idea for the Ingress app to make money. We’ll have to wait and see how far they’ll take it.
Happy Hacking!

The N’zeer?

Two years later…
For the past 2 years, rumors have come & gone about everything in Ingress. I remember the days of agents talking about the “theoretical level 9”. Rumors of a 3rd Faction have been no stranger to the Ingress Community (on Google Plus) as well. It’s no secret that Niantic monitors the community & has even taken suggestions from the same people that don’t work there, but play the game. This is a BRILLIANT concept. Taking advice from the “boots on the ground” rather than engineers that love programming, but would rather die than leave their desktop computers.
Now that the Ingress Anomaly named “Darsana” is over, and the resistance prevailed, the “storyline” changes one again & we are left with more questions than answers. Supposedly, the resistance winning, means this unknown force known at this time only as N’zeer is on the way to earth.
Running on pure conjecture from this point, I think a great idea would be to add a 3rd Faction (Red Faction) as a NPC and act as a buffer between the resistance & enlightened that continue to promote themselves as the only truth. In my opinion, the N’zeer would fight to keep a balance in cities that are far left or right (green or blue). You can’t work WITH the N’zeer, you can’t reason with N’zeer. They randomly attack portals, throw links & put fields up all on their own.


The Enlightened & Resistance might even find themselves working together to take out the N’zeer. This would be (in my opinion) an excellent move by Niantic & opens up many possibilities within itself!
Only time will tell what the N’zeer are or how they fit into Ingress. I can only hope that Niantic treads lightly. There are a few promising games on the verge of being released that are similar to Ingress but tweaked according to the complaints given by people that play in the field!


First view of the AXA Shield!
First view of the AXA Shield!

This is a snapshot of what could be a new shield in the horizon! At this time there are so many questions & very few answers. From the photo, there are a few things that are revealed.

  • The item is classified as  Very Rare! This implies that it’s a special item but still doesn’t reveal the exact purpose.
  • From the text at the bottom, we can deduct this mod is to be used on portals. In the recent past there were posts & requests on Google Plus to add new “scanner” mods. A scanner mod would be used to protect YOUR scanner or give YOUR scanner special abilities. Those however, were only requests & ideas from other players. We’ve seen no evidence of any “scanner mods”

Loads of questions  almost no answers! If you have any ideas or comments feel free to contact me on Google Plus. http://Google.com/+PaulHatfield

Happy Hacking!!